Honda Services
Highest Warranty 125,000 Km or 5 Years
Warranty is the biggest surprise for all our customers, we are confident from our products of Honda cars and this has raised the guarantee to 5 years or 125 thousand kilometers. We challenge that what we have presented by increasing the duration of the warranty or the number of kilometers because our cars are simply unbeatable.
Trade In
Trade in your Honda with a new one
We offer to our customers the Trade in service, which makes them able to replace their old Honda (up to 5 years old) with any of our new models or they can simply sell it to us. Also we offer to our customers the ability to purchase a fully guaranteed used cars in outstanding conditions from Honda’s Trade In department.
Trade in Your Car
Lowest maintenance fees
At Honda we provide cheaper maintenance prices compared with other automotive service centers, so we put a price list in the waiting area that describes all the costs that are pilled to the customer.
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Test Drive
Test Drive all our models
It’s necessary when you buy any product to experience it, and this is what we have done. We made each car model available to our customers in order to enjoy a full experience before taking the decision of purchasing , that experience has to help the client make the decision easily.
Request Test Drive
Comprehensive insurance on the car
We at Honda tried to set the best features of an insurance policy in the Egyptian market in terms of the conditions, procedures and value. Noting that there is a representative of the insurance company that always at the headquarters of Honda in order to take immediate actions.
For more assistance please call our call center on 19811.