Honda’s Environmental Goals

2030 Goal

In 2016, Honda announced it would rapidly advance the deployment of electrified vehicle technology throughout its product lineup.

2050 Goal

In 2015, Honda announced a goal to halve its total company CO2 emissions levels as measured against a FY2000 baseline.

Activities to achieve these targets:

  • Reducing emissions through increasing the efficiency of internal combustion engines;
  • Reducing emissions by introducing environmentally innovative technologies, including but not limited to electrification; and
  • Eliminating emissions through renewable energy and total energy management.

Environmental Management

Honda’s internal framework ensures that it follows the principles set forth in the Environmental Statement. Our regional operations, including North America, have broad authority to minimize the environmental impact of their activities.

A hallmark of Honda environmental initiatives is that planning and execution comes from associates in all departments who are engaged with environmental issues as part of their duties.


Honda Green Company
N.3 World Wide
Currently Honda ranked 3rd as the most green company
in the entire world, as per Interbrand.