CEO message
CEO message
Takahiro Hachigo
Ever since its foundation in 1948, Honda has been making continuous efforts to offer various kinds of value as we strive to help people and create a better society through our own technologies, ideas and designs. The starting point of such efforts is our desire to “help people and society” and “expand people’s life’s potential.”
The underlying basis of such efforts is the concept of “Respect for the Individual,” which is a part of Honda’s Fundamental Beliefs. We always put “people” in the center of our thinking, and we believe in the potential of people. That is the nature of Honda, and that is why Honda wants to be a company which can give power to people all around the world who are trying to do things through their own initiative, including those who are taking on challenges and trying to bring about positive changes for themselves and for society.
As a result of various efforts we have been undertaking with such passion, in 2020, Honda delivered attractive products and services, pleasing a total of approximately 25 million customers around the world, combining all of our businesses including motorcycles, automobiles, life creation (power products), aircraft and aircraft engines.
As this number of customers indicates, Honda is the world’s largest engine maker. That is why “decarbonization” is an important mission Honda must fulfill as addressing environmental issues is becoming an urgent challenge facing the world.
Based on this belief, Honda set an ambitious target and began initiatives to realize carbon neutrality by 2050. Including the introduction of the new “Honda e” electric vehicle in Europe and Japan in 2020, Honda will accelerate electrification of its mobility products. At the same time, we will strive to realize a “zero environmental footprint” through our initiatives in the area of manufacturing, such as the utilization of renewable energy and recycling of resources.
Another important challenge the mobility industry must take on is the realization of a collision-free society. As a company which develops and sells both motorcycles and automobiles, Honda must strive for the realization of a society where everyone sharing the road can enjoy mobility with total peace of mind. To be more specific, Honda will strive to realize “zero traffic collision fatalities by 2050.”
To this end, Honda will further advance and popularize Honda SENSING, including the introduction in Japan of Honda SENSING Elite which features advanced technology qualifying as Level 3 automated driving equipment. This represents a new step forward in the area of advanced safety technology. Moreover, Honda will work toward “zero traffic collision fatalities” from both the software and hardware perspective, including the development of technologies which connect motorcycles and automobiles and the advancement of traffic safety educational programs, especially in newly developing countries.
Honda will continue taking on new challenges to serve as a source of power for people who are trying to do things based on their own initiative and to continue to be a company people and society want to exist into the future.
Takahiro Hachigo President and
Representative Director
Chief Executive Officer
Essam Hussein
We, at Al-Futtaim, are dedicated to supplying Honda products of the highest quality, yet at a reasonable price for global Customer satisfaction. We live by our company mission statement of: "Together we strive to be an outstanding Company achieving Customers for Life”.
This is built around six key values: to be welcoming, trustworthy, respectful, innovative, inspiring and ambitious. These core value are the basis upon which we have built and continue to build, such a successful business.
Essam Hussein Managing director